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What to Expect During Cleaning and Sealing

What is Paver Sealing?

Sealing your paver stones is an excellent way to protect them everyday wear and tear. Paver sealant is an invisible barrier that covers your stones, driveway, brick or retaining wall and blocks from foreign matter including water, weeds and bugs. As an added bonus, sealant will protect the natural look of your pavers, allowing them to look continually beautiful years after their purchase.

We'll get your pavers looking new again

STEP 1: Sweeping & Weeding

To achieve the best possible results, we will first clean the pavers by sweeping them with a bristled brush to remove any encrusted dirt and loosen debris for cleaning. We will also pull out any type of grass or weed that has grown between paver joints.

A deep clean will revitalize your pavers and prep them for sealing

STEP 2: Power Washing & Cleaning

As needed we will power wash the surface of the pavers to remove any stains including those left by grease and oil.

We will then apply a paver cleaning formula to effectively remove any final stains and help restore your stones to their original color.

After we have finished cleaning the paver stones, the surface gets hosed off thoroughly and, depending on which sealer is used, the surface may need to be left to dry.

Allow paver sealant to dry for 24 hours for best results

STEP 3: Sealant is Applied

Next, we will apply a paver sealant using a pump spray then spread it evenly using a foam roller.

To ensure the best possible result, the paver sealant will then be allowed to dry for 24 hours.

(If a water based paver sealant is applied, the surface does not need to be dried thoroughly before application. However, for a solvent based sealant, the surface will need to be allowed to dry completely.)

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Sealing and cleaning your hardscape surface is critical to protecting it from everyday wear and tear. Brookstein specializes in cleaning and sealing throughout the Northern Virginia area including: Woodbridge, Lorton and Alexandria. If you're interested in learning more, contact us for a free consultation!