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What To Expect During Polymeric Sand Application

A Brookstein worker in Woodbridge, VA blowing polymeric sand onto a hardscape surface

What is Polymeric Sand?

Polymeric sand application plays a critical role in maintaining and ensuring the longevity of a hardscape or stone surface. Essentially, polymeric sand is a sweep-in material made from quartz, crystalline silica, polymer and occasionally cement that hardens with moisture. By solidifying, the polymeric sand locks in the paver sand, deters weeds from growing through the joints and prevents water from flowing beneath the stones allowing the paver stones to remain interlocked.

Cleaning Pavers After Polymeric Sand Application in Northern VA

What To Expect During Polymeric Sand Application

Step 1: Cleaning

Before the polymeric sand is applied, the paver surface will first be power washed to clean out all paver joints and then be left to dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Applying Polymeric Sand

We then will use a blower to clear out all joints from any sort of debris, once that has been completed polymeric sand will then be swept into all joints.

A vibratory plate tamper will be used to vibrate entire surface in order to ensure polymeric sand get as far down into joints as possible.

Another layer of polymeric sand will then be applied and then a blower will be used to blow off any excess sand/polymeric dust.

Activating Polymeric Sand - Northern VA

Step 3: Activate & Clean

A misting of water will be sprayed in order to activate the polymeric in the sand.

One last blow to the surface using the blower to ensure all excess sand/polymeric dust has been removed.

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Applying polymeric sand is critical in maintaining the life of your hardscape or stone surface. Brookstein specializes in polymeric sand application throughout the Northern Virginia area including: Woodbridge, Lorton and Alexandria. If you're interested in learning more, contact us for a free consultation!